What are the pricing and fees of applying for an EIN?

So you have heard about this thing called an EIN, and are ready to get started and fill out the IRS EIN application. Doing so will help you file your taxes quickly and accurately, open up a business bank account, and finish a host of other legal and professional tasks. Before you get started on that application for an EIN, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You will want to make sure that you can afford the application fee, for example.

EIN Application Fee

Like all things in life, an EIN is not free. You might be somewhat surprised by this, but really, don’t you end up paying for just about everything in life? The EIN is no different. When you fill out an IRS EIN application, you will need to pay $175. This application fee is the same for all EIN and tax ID requirements. For that price, you are receiving a simplified and more fool proof system as well as an expedited delivery of your EIN – often on the same business day!

Apply for your EIN Today

Are you ready to fill out your IRS EIN application online? Visit GovDocFiling.com today and see how they can help. Their simplified application system has made the process of filling out an application for an EIN form a snap. Take a look at their website today!

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