The Dwindling Round Up: 10-17-12

Here at the Dwindling Round Up we discuss the weeks 5 best posts, in our humble opinion anyways.  With the plethora of finance sites to choose from this is no easy task.  The topics vary, however, the quality of writing does not.  Each article is well thought out, interesting in nature, and just a plain good ole read.


Buying and maintaining a car is a huge expense, and one that most us endure one time or another in our lives.  Making Sense of Cents tells us to buy and maintain our cars from a used dealership, stop by and see why.

When is the right time to have a baby, financially?  Ahhh yes, the age old question.  Work Save Live attempts to tackle that question in this article.  I have to say I’ve found myself asking this same question as of late.

Objective Wealth gives us some tips on how to manage a windfall!  Granted I may never experience one of these (no matter how many twinkly little stars I wish upon), but if I ever do then I will know exactly how to manage it all.

We all dream of financial freedom, but so few of us ever achieve it. See Debt Run provides us some shortcuts on how to get there.

Read up on Money Beagle’s shady bank story…there’s nothing worse than big bad companies who beat up on the little consumers…this bothers me to no end.

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