Stop Wasting Money at CVS Right Now

There is a CVS drugstore a block away from my house, so it is convenient when you need an item or two stopping on the way home from work, but I consistently see people doing their shopping there, as if they have great deals, or they are completely unaware of how much money they are wasting.  Not only is it a rip-off, but if you have ever tried standing in line it always seems to take forever to get through.  I am not sure if it is their slow system causing delays, or if since it is typically a place where senior citizens frequent, or the fact that there always seems to be one cashier working for the lineup of people, I always seem to lose my patience waiting in line.  My wife just stopped at CVS to pick up cold medicine and ended up spending $50 on medicine and cards, so this fueled the fire a little more.

The pharmacy is the main feature of the store, so if you are getting prescriptions filled, I have had better luck on prices at other stores such as Kroger, Target, or even direct at the hospital’s pharmacy.  My biggest gripe is the cost of items in the rest of the store.  All of their food is ridiculously overpriced.  Not that I would expect to go grocery shopping there, but they do have a large amount of items, so if you are in the store and need items you could be tempted, but it is not worth it.  Any personal care item is high, such as shampoos, deodorants, and paper towels.  If you are looking to pick up medicine, you can expect to pay inflated prices, as items are rarely on sale, unless you have a CVS rewards card, which still does not make much of a difference.

With stores such as Target and Kroger as prominent in the area as they are it is amazing that stores such as CVS and Walgreens are still in business.  I am not promoting pushing the “little guy” out, which is why I do not even mention Walmart.  You can find all items you need at Target and Kroger, it has its own pharmacy, and I promise you will come out of there spending far less money than you would if you purchased the same items at CVS.

Saving money, even a little each time you shop, will incrementally add up over the years.

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