Money Saving Tips that you can Use Every Day – Part 3

We’re  glad that you decided to stop by for Part 3 of our money saving tips that you can use every day blog series. The first 2 Parts really contain some excellent tips, advice and info on how to squeeze the most out of your budget and get the most for your hard-earned dollar. Part three is going to do the same and so, without further interruption, let’s get started Enjoy.

  • If you own a home you should ask your electric or gas utility company for a home energy audit. In many cases this is free or quite an expensive but may reveal several areas where you are wasting money and thus allow you to take care of those problem areas and start saving money.
  • If you live in an area of the country that is subjected to extreme variations in weather you should definitely weatherize your home at least once a year, caulking holes and filling in cracks that let either heated or cooled air out of your home and waste your money.
  • Depending on the time of year you should use curtains to either block the sunshine coming into your home or let it in. Simply put, in the winter the sun is your friend and you should let it in as much as you can. Conversely, in the summer you should do your best to keep the sun out of the house and keep your cooling costs down.
  • Consider shopping for clothes at your local discount outlet like Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. Usually they have price reductions in the area of 30 to 70%.
  • If you have a well-run goodwill store in your town you should make a habit of going there on a regular basis to see what types of deals you can find on used clothing, toys, sports equipment and so forth. Many times the deals that you can find on lightly used goods are absolutely phenomenal.
  • Unless you absolutely must have perfectly ironed and starched clothing washing them yourself at home will definitely save you a lot of money over bringing them to the dry cleaners.
  • Periodically assess your mobile phone plan and determine if you are paying for more data or minutes then you need. If you are, ask your provider to give you details on a lower-priced plan.
  • When possible, communicate using email rather than your mobile phone. If you are already online the cost to use email is virtually free.
  • If you’re keen on enjoying some entertainment outside of your home do some research to find entertainment venues that are either free or low-cost. Many cities and towns have a website dedicated to  entertainment and will list everything available no matter what the cost.
  • Unless there is a specific premium channel that you just have to have you should definitely consider getting rid of your premium cable plan especially if you don’t use it.
  • Borrowing books from the library is an incredibly economical way to get your book fix. In fact, it’s completely free and your local library also has music CDs, movie DVDs, local newspapers and other assets that you might not even know about.
  • If you really like watching sports live consider going to your local High School to see their football, baseball, soccer and other sports teams compete. The cost to do this is generally very cheap or even free and the food that they serve is usually the same. The fact is, professional sports games are very expensive and the concession stands at a professional sports arena so food at ridiculous prices.
  • If you plan on giving a gift to a family member or friend planned well in advance so that you don’t overspend at the last minute in a frenzied rush.  Those in a cash crunch always have the option of looking into online payday loans if they are running short on cash.
  • During the holidays to discuss with your family limits on spending for gifts. Not only will this save you money but, in many cases, it will also make your family members happy because they were going to do the same thing (or at least were thinking it).

We certainly hope that you have enjoyed this three-part series. Many of the tips that we’ve shared with you can be used starting today and,  while they may not save you thousands of dollars, they can certainly save you hundreds over the next few months and, over the next few years, thousands. Good luck with your saving  plans and please do come back to visit us often as we will be presenting more valuable financial information in the future. Cheers.

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