How To Win At Gap Trading

What is the best way to describe day trading? It’s a living. Yes, you can make lots of money and get to a state of financial freedom, but it takes work and education. You need to familiarize yourself with the strategies and techniques of seasoned traders so you can try to replicate their returns. The key work there is “try.” I am not guaranteeing that you will get the same returns. But the opportunity is there.

That what Warrior Trading can give you. A chance to learn how to day trade and get out of the cubicle farm once and for all. For your initial lesson, head over to Warrior Trading to understand the nuances of gap trading and how trading gappers can be a critical strategy to internalize and add to your day trading tool box.

Gap Stocks

What is a gap stock? It is a stock that making an unusual morning move the day after it closes. At Warrior Trading, they hunt for gappers of more than 4% and prep to make trades on them,

Gap And Go

The gap and go strategy is pretty simple. Identify gappers above that 4% threshold, look around for the catalyst (an earnings report, some big news about the company), get ready to buy the pre-market highs once the market opens and as soon as the bell rings, buy the one minute opening range breakout and included a stop at the low part of the breakout.

Is that really simple? No, not really. But by working with Warrior Traders program, you can learn the lingo and the rhythms of day trading so trading gap stocks can become like second nature.

One of the key points is to confirm the catalyst for the gap. See what news is out there that might make analysts and market makers ID this stock as a gapper. If you can’t find the news from a credible source, stay the heck away.

Discipline is an important part of day trading. It is no different when you get into a momentum strategy like trading gappers. You need to be able to spot the right ones and stay away from the losers.

The gap and go strategy is very much like the momentum strategy, except it is centered on trading stocks between 9:30 and 10 am. Quick and easy trades right as the market opens.

There are lots of tools that can help you identify these stocks and start gapping up right away. Warrior Trading will introduce you to those tools. But only when you are ready. A tool is just a tool. The trader needs the correct preparation and education to make those tools work to a real advantage in the market. Check out Warrior Trading on Twitter and let them show you how.

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