Getting ready to Grill? Here are some Tips to help you Save Money

Another Fourth of July has passed us by, heralding the start of the summer season and the “grilling season” as well. This and every weekend millions of Americans will be grilling hamburgers, veggies, steak, fish and even veggie burgers in what, unsurprisingly, is the most popular day for grilling in the country. In fact, according to a recent study by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (yes, that’s an actual association) nearly 8 out of 10 homes in the United States have a grill or smoker and 6 out of 10 use that grill or smoker all year ‘round.

For tips on the kind of grill or smoker to purchase, as well as grilling accessories, keep reading below before you head out to your local home and garden center to make your purchase.

First, although they are very much on the “pricey side”, the line of Argentinian inspired grills from Grillworks is one of the absolute best in the industry. Many people use the term “amazing” when describing them, which is quite a word to use for a barbecue grill you have to admit.

Grillworks has a signature cranking wheel that is made of cast aluminum and can double as a rotisserie for chicken and other meats. Fat and juices that drip off of anything being cooked fall into the V-shaped grooves of their signature barbecues, collecting in a small trough underneath so that they can be utilized to make sauces and also for extra basting.

Now, quite frankly, if you think that the line of barbecues from Grillworks is expensive, than the K1000HS Hybrid Fire Grill from Kalamazoo, priced at just under $21,200, is going to probably make you faint. Once you regain your composure, you’ll be glad to know that this revolutionary barbecue will let you cook with either gas, charcoal or wood, it’s easy to clean, it can reach 1000°F and, in the words of many barbecue aficionados, “it’s built like a tank”.

Of course the average homeowner simply doesn’t have $22,000 sitting around to spend on a barbecue and, even if they did, it’s probably not the best financial choice. Frankly, eating barbecued meat to often isn’t exactly recommended by health experts anyway.

With that in mind there are a number of excellent grills made by the classic, Weber. They’re simple, durable and allow you to cook with either direct or indirect heat. Priced between $100 and $400, they are much more affordable for the average homeowner and yet can still be utilized to  grill perfect hamburgers, smoke sausages or roast vegetables.

As for the tools needed, the average grill master must certainly have a good pair of tongs, an instant-read thermometer and a heavy duty set of gloves to protect themselves from the heat. Also, since cooking out at night is definitely a favorite thing to do on barbecue owners, a headlamp to let you see the char on that steak is probably a good idea too.

Once you’ve gotten those tools, and you’ve purchased your barbecue, it’s time to get out there and grill up something fantastic!

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