5 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

To most grocery shopping in a chore, and stores are even now adding curbside pickup so you do not have to even deal with the store.  For the remainder of the population that does their own shopping, there are a few ways to save money at the grocery store.

Do Not Go on an Empty Stomach

The grocery store can be an overwhelming place with all of the items that look good to purchase, even more so if you go in hungry.  Do yourself and your wallet a favor and eat before you go in, and that will eliminate a good start of unnecessary purchases that you probably would have made otherwise.

Use a Store Rewards Card

It would be silly to not use a Kroger Plus card when it comes to shopping, as it seems that most items in the store are cheaper.  Put your phone number associated with your card in each time and see the savings start to add up.  Not to mention the fuel rewards points continue to rise, giving you savings off gallons at the pump. The same can be said for credit cards that offer generous cash back rewards on grocery purchases. Some like AMEX offer up to 6% back on your purchases, up to a maximum of $6,000 annually that is. But make no mistake, those with poor credit aren’t candidates for cards with these types of benefits. Check into companies like Lexington Law here, aaacreditguide.com/lexington-law/, they can be quite helpful when trying to repair ones credit score.

Shop Mid-Week

If you go into your grocery store on Tuesday-Thursday you will notice more items on sale and even more rewards if you put in your store card info, such as 10 for $10 or buying 5 items to get additional savings.  In addition to saving more money, it is nice having the store to yourself, as most people shop on the weekends.  Try going on a Tuesday evening around 9:00pm and you will be able to complete your entire shopping and be in and out quickly.

Stick to the Perimeter of the Store

If you shop along walls of the store you will find your fresh foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy.  The center aisles are where the processed and junk food sit, more appealing to the eye and stomach, and are typically unnecessary purchases that only hurt the wallet, and your waistline.

Stay Away from the End Caps

As you make your way around the store you will see an end cap facing you as you pass every aisle, but keep pushing the cart and stick to your plan.  Stores like to set up this display to make it look like the items are selling or on sale, but chances are that they are not doing either.  If you really want to purchase the product, go find the original spot of the item and really see if it is on sale.

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