5 Tips for Purchasing Your Next New Laptop Computer.

Today there are so many options and models of laptops on the market that finding the prefect one for your computer / internet needs can prove a bit difficult.  The fact is, when you’re looking at options like desktop replacement models, high-end systems that are perfect for gamers and relatively cheap netbooks that are best for taking notes you’ll need to know exactly what your needs are before beginning your search. With that in mind here are the 5 Tips (in no particular order) that will help you choose your next laptop. Enjoy!

First things first, what exactly do you need your new laptop to do for you?  Will you be making Power Point presentations all day long as well as taking notes and performing other basic but necessary work tasks? If yes a lower end model may be just fine for you.  If however you’re an intense gamer and you play some of the newest memory-draining games or you like to watch HD movies and video chat with all your friends you may need to go a little higher end to get the best graphics and sound card. You should know this all before you start looking.

Battery life is also a big thing especially when you consider that the reason to buy a laptop is for the mobility.  If your battery rapidly dies when your laptop isn’t plugged in you’re certainly not going to get very far are you?  If you take your laptop everywhere you go to keep up with work (or whatever) you’ll need a battery that lasts long.  If on the other hand you’re just looking to replace your desktop model the battery may not be important.

Of course if we’re talking portability the weight of your laptop becomes an important issue as well.  Many of the newest ‘ultra-light’ laptops have done away with disc drives and other options to focus on slimming their models down and taking off the weight (sounds like an episode of the ‘Biggest Loser’). The less weight the more portable and, usually, the more pricey as well so make sure you know if this is important to you before you purchase.

The size of the screen is vital to some and not as important to others, depending on what the laptop will be used for.  The standards sizes are 13, 15 and 17 inches and the bigger they are the more tech that they usually pack into their models.  Of course this affects the weight and portability (as well as price) so again you need to know if this will mostly stay home or mostly go with you all over the place.

Finally there’s an optical disc drive which is becoming less and less vital.  With streaming movies and, well, everything else there’s really no need for a disc drive any more in most cases but, if you still want one, you should make sure you get a model that has one. Or not, which will usually save money and decrease the weight.

There you have them.  Now go out and find the best laptop for you.  Good luck.

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